Sharlotte Novoa Guandique (ceramist ) and Lydia Fortin (ceramist / cabinetmaker)

We are two professional artists creating handmade pottery.

Sharlotte Novoa Guandique specializes in turned and shaped porcelain and creation of colored engobes.

“Ceramics is a way of expressing myself and showing my Latin culture in Quebec. I am passionate about this profession. I like the contact between the clay and me: it's really pure and unique »

Lydia Fortin specializes in sigillata, creation of various colors, smoking and woodturning.

" I am passionate about the transformation of matter, the search for colors and various shapes. Ceramics and cabinetmaking allow me to explore in all directions…”

All our works are painted and made by hand. We create our colors from our raw material, our clay. In addition, we manufacture our glazes and sigillated earth.

For twenty years, we have united our techniques. And work closely together.

Our work consists of a series of works of art, each piece of which deserves the same attention and the same passion. This allows us to keep our inspiration alive. Having the same way of thinking and the same love for art, we became accomplices in our creation.

Thought by Walter Benjamin:

" Even the most perfected reproduction of a work of art always lacks one factor: its “hic et nunc”*. Its unique existence in the place where it is. On this unique existence, exclusively, its history is exercised .

This thought reflects exactly our philosophy, from there,

Art Hic et Nunc, our corporate name.

hic et nunc: Latin term meaning “here and now”